Smart Ways to Decorate Your Sugar Cookie

A sugar cookie itself tastes awesome, and when you can get it decorated into some beautiful shapes, the outcome is something that you can only imagine. If you have kids, they will enjoy decorated cookies like anything. So here we go, with our bunch of decorations. You are bound to love the whole range of designs from babushkas to butterflies. 

Flower Sugar Cookies

These cookies come with a ruffled edge. However, even a cookie that is purely circular can be made into a flower. You can even rope in your little one to provide some assistance with the design. Kids do have lots of ideas when it comes to drawing flowers.

Cupcake Sugar Cookies

It is something like having two deserts in a single recipe. The treats bear the shape of cupcakes and taste of cookies. Cupcake cookies make for a great fun decoration, since topping a cupcake means you can go for any design.

Henna Sugar Cookies

This decorative sugar cookie is a blend of Indian and Arabic tradition. It makes for a great sugary sweet treat when the cookie is topped with icing. The intricate lines and dots which are a characteristic of henna are very convenient to form if you use an icing bag.

Spiderweb Sugar Cookies

On the first look, these cookies will seem quite intricate and detailed, but the point is that they are very easy to make. With icing, draw a dot in the middle and form some circles around this middle dot. After this, pull a toothpick from the centre towards the edges and your cobweb is ready.

Butterfly Sugar Cookies

The butterfly shape can be made very easily even if you do not possess a cookie cutter. Take a circular cookie, slice it into half; then press together the curved sides so that the inside edges come outward. Once the basic shape is ready, decorate as you want, because butterfly wings can be as colorful and decorative as you want them to be.

Babushka Sugar Cookies

These Russian dolls are indeed quite intricate to make with your cookies. But once they are done, the beautiful appearance is really worth it!

Ocean Sugar Cookies

You can simply let your ideas to flow freely when you are making ocean sugar cookies; there are so many designs available! The best part is that you can make the ocean designs over simple circular cookies.

Rainbow Unicorn Sugar Cookie

Technically speaking, this is more of a cookie pop, but anyway, a rainbow unicorn is something that you simply cannot resist. To make the entire treat magical, simply ensure that it contains a horn along with loads of bright colors.

Fireplace Sugar Cookies

This wintry design is fun to make. The key aspect for a successful design is to allow each layer to dry up prior to moving on to the succeeding one. True it is a complicated design, but with some practice, you can easily master the techniques.

Royal Icing Cookie

Royal icing finds its way in a number of cookie designs. This icing is especially great for sugar cookies, because it dries up to form a smooth and hard matte surface.