The Best Ingredients for Mouthwatering Cookies

Cookies obviously make for a great treat. But have you ever wondered what makes cookies so delicious that we just can’t stop asking for more? Well, it’s the wonderful ingredients that are blended with the dough. Here I bring to you some of the best ingredients. Do use these while making cookies and simply enjoy the delicious flavors. 

Extreme vanilla

Vanilla extract obtained from harvested vanilla beans renders a kind of special floral aroma to the cookies. You may even use this vanilla extract for butterscotch brownies, muffins and pound cakes to add a great flavor.

Darker, deeper cocoa powder

Using deep, dark cocoa powder for preparation of cookies makes the final product uniquely dark and chocolaty along with a lovable rich, deep flavor. In order to prevent the cookies from becoming very strongly flavored, it is best to try out a blend of black cocoa and Dutch-processed or natural cocoa.

Non-stick spray

This is very important for hassle-free preparation of cookies. Non-stick sprays consist of flour as well as oil. The sole aim of using these is to flour and grease the pan in a single quick spray. If you treat a pan with this spray, cookies, breads, cakes- all become easier to remove.

You may just apply this spray to the sides and bottom of the baking pan. In order to make sure that the spray is equally distributed throughout, the sprayed pan can be blotted with the help of a paper towel.

Stylish decorating sugars

Decorating sugars have a kind of stylish color palette that is sure to draw your attention. There are a number of shades available, including sunflower, periwinkle, raspberry and marigold. The secret to the beautiful appearance of these decorating sugars is that they are made up of natural colorants including vegetable juices, other than artificial dyes.

Peanut butter

Some people would really die for peanut butter cookies. They simply taste great! And in the dough, if you can mix peanut butter with chocolate and oatmeal, the end result is simply awesome. You get an extra delicious and rich flavor.

Sesame seeds

Cookies that have toasted sesame seeds are great to have after dinner or while you are having tea, or simply any other time for that matter. The sesame seeds give the cookies a unique kind of nutty aroma and delicate crunch. They wonderfully mingle with the dough and generate a kind of spark in every bite.

Butterscotch chips

In order to bake a cookie that has a subtle salty-sweet taste, mix butterscotch chips and nuts and take your recipe to new flavored heights. Let me tell you that these delicacies are extremely addictive, so if you are having them as an afternoon snack, do be ready for the indulging consequences!

Ricotta cheese

This is again a different kind of flavor for a cookie. You may add more than a single type of cheese. Mixing ricotta cheese with cream cheese makes the taste more interesting. You may even pour in a little bit of sour cream.